Summer Plant Sale

June 14th -16th

20% OFF

Plus DEEPER Discounts 
throughout the Nursery

Special Sale Hours

Mini Classes
Pop into one of our Mini Classes during the Sale Event.  These 20-30 minute sessions will be packed full of fantastic information and resources. 
Friday June 15th
10am - Succulents 101 - Learning the basics of succulents

11am - Planting It Right - Hear from our experts on how to install and take care of your plant investment. 

5PM - Explore the World of Moringa -  Discover why they call this the "plant of life". 

Saturday June 16th
10am - Succulents 101 - Learning the basics of succulents

11am -Non-Toxic Landscaping - Discover a healthier way to fertilze your landscaping and yard. 

NEW!  Succulent Bar
During this special event, we are offering an opportunity create and plant your succulent creation on the spot.

Bring your own container (BYOC)  or purchase one from our selection, then pick out your succulents from our huge selection.

Once purchased, stroll up to the Succulent Bar to begin assembling your arrangement on the spot. 

At no added cost, we will have to stones, succulent soil, expert on-hand and place to make a mess so you can leave with a finished succulent container.